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Black Glove Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Funding To Revolutionize IT Managed Services

Charlotte, North Carolina, September 17, 2021 — Black Glove, the first multi-vendor IT partner specializing in Apple platforms, today announced it has secured a $1.5 million seed funding round. The company’s revolutionary IT philosophy introduces “black glove” services to the market, leaning on automation, software and world-class Apple expertise to completely change the way businesses and schools do IT. 

Black Glove launched earlier this year at the hands of David Starr and Adam Muriello, two former Apple enterprise and education engineers who sought to provide a skilled, scalable, simple, and secure solution to national IT services. After both founders witnessed the growing challenges for flexible IT at scale, the two joined forces to start the organization and make a change.

“White glove services might be great for detailing a car, but it just doesn’t work in IT,” said Black Glove CEO and Co-Founder David Starr. “We’ve seen the bigger solutions falter at scaling IT services. Black Glove is the complete and flexible experience for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Think of us as the stage crew that works behind-the-scenes to architect the perfect IT experience for the stars of the show.” 

Black Glove uniquely solves IT issues for the full lifecycle of a device fleet. The sustainable services come in a variety of service packages best suited for an individual organization, their goals, and their Apple experts on staff. Black Glove services are end-to-end with no end in sight:

  • Architecture strategies and deployment services, including best-practice integration frameworks, security and access setup, unboxing, tagging, casing, app installation and more. 
  • Management and security to simplify the complexity behind licenses, compliance, updates and patches, enterprise integrations and security of your devices.
  • Ongoing support when and where teams need for daily technology issues or long-term strategy discussions.

The company is anticipating rapid growth in the next year, with an accelerating customer portfolio across education, small business and enterprise markets, and a world-class engineering team. The funding will be utilized for hiring top talent and refining its go-to-market strategy. 

“We have the skill, team, and mindset to revolutionize IT services for our customers. After decades of seeing the problem first-hand, it’s an honor to start to repair a broken process, and to do it with the best team out there,” said Adam Muriello, Black Glove CTO and Co-Founder. 

About Black Glove

Black Glove makes it easy to add Apple products to your business, school, or enterprise. With flexible subscription deployment and management tiers that meet your team where they are, Black Glove provides your IT team a helping hand, hands-on management, or all-hands-on deck for your full device lifecycle—from architecture and deployment to security, networking, and end-of-life transitioning.

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