The Problem

We believe managed services are broken.

In our increasingly remote world, device management challenges grow and large managed technology services are clunky, expensive, and inexperienced.

We watch industry titans falter at scale, and as a result, employees, teachers, and students don’t have the secure technology they need to be successful or connected.

We’re the team doing something about it.

Multiple people looking at paperwork and iPads
Our Story

The new way to do IT.

Black Glove is the only multi-vendor managed IT partner delivering simple and scalable services for the complete lifecycle of your devices. We bundle, simplify, and do it all really, really well. 

What is “black glove” service? “White glove” service is great for some things (see: Detailing your car), but is an incomplete experience when it comes to IT. 

Black Glove services continuously work behind-the-scenes to meticulously architect the perfect IT experience. Think of our team as the stage crew that ensures your performance goes off without a hitch. The user’s experience is on center stage.

“The value we provide our customers is invaluable. The inherent Apple expertise mixed with seamless deployment and managed services is really something great for schools and organizations.”

Brad Scott

Brad Scott

How we work.

Our U.S.-based team works to ensure your device experience is great. Here’s how:

We meet you where you are.

Whether using Apple or multi-platform solutions, we work with your existing tools to make the experience seamless and simple.

We roll up our sleeves.

Our hands are literally on keyboards (if you want) to scale fleets, support staff, transfer knowledge, or completely outsource IT.

We stick around.

Your end-users don’t have to know we’re there, but everyone feels supported and secure every day.

Meet Our Founders

You’re in good company.

Meet David and Adam, two former Apple engineers on a mission to improve technology access and management for Apple-first organizations. They started Black Glove in 2021 with a revolutionary managed services philosophy. Their vision? To provide the skill, scale, and simplicity missing in today’s IT market to organizations nationwide.

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