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Hand-in-Hand: Cambrionix hardware and Black Glove’s automation software for impeccable IT services

We know dependable and privacy-minded partners are a must in today’s IT landscape. That’s why we are purposeful with our partners. When it comes to hardware, we work with Cambrionix— high-speed USB hubs provide the most scalable and secure solution for both Black Glove and their clients, offering flexible deployment, robust security, and complete peace of mind.

We recently joined Cambrionix’s team to highlight the work we’ve done together. To learn more about our partnership, read their Case Study. 

“We know how challenging it is for schools and businesses to deploy, manage, fix, architect, and sustain an Apple fleet across a large organization,” said Muriello. “So we’ve developed the team and technology to take on the hard work of IT departments on behalf of our clients, or alongside them. We want their technology to be easy to manage and worth the investment, and we aim to add and maintain value throughout the entire lifecycle.”